Interview of Alex De Pase

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How we create our urban luxury shoes

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See our collection in motion

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When manifacturing meets arts: soles with Alex De Pase Tattoos

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A new concept of footwear: soles with Alex De Pase Tattoos As we said on About Us web page, Alex De Pase is an Italian tattoo artist specialized in realistic tattoos…
Alex De Pase urban shoes

Alex De Pase urban shoes: a new concept of footwear

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Alex De Pase shoes is the new concept of luxury footwear and urban design Alex De Pase shoes are born to be a new concept of urban footwear, a street…

Luxury Footwear of Alex De Pase: the meaning of tattoos

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Alex De Pase luxury footwear: the meaning of tattoos Sometimes people ask us why we choose those tattoos for our soles. Is for the colors? For the subjects? Or the…