Alex De Pase urban shoes

Alex De Pase shoes is the new concept of luxury footwear and urban design

Alex De Pase shoes are born to be a new concept of urban footwear, a street style close to luxury world. They are made for people who are looking for products that are different from the mass, with a different design and an artistic touch. Our urban luxury footwear can be associated with lifestyle icons, such as footballers and sportsmen in general, stars, and show characters.

Alex De Pase Shoes: a focus on his first products

The first collection (we could say a “pilot collection” or the “zero” collection) was based on six kinds of footwear, both for men and women. They were developed on 3 different types of soles, two kinds of sneakers (Alex and K-Diamond) and a composite runner (K-Diamond Runner). The collection consisted of 80 products and more in different colors to satisfy who is looking for innovation, quality enclosed and an artistic look in the same footwear.

For all the shoes, except for “High Runner” and “TR” versions, was available different kinds of  rhinestones applied in upper side or spike applications. The spikes are pyramids with a hexagonal base created and designed by the company.


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