Alex De Pase luxury footwear: the meaning of tattoos

Sometimes people ask us why we choose those tattoos for our soles. Is for the colors? For the subjects? Or the reason is emotional?

Well, we have to say. We choose these soles for all this reasons: for the color, for the subjects, and above all, for emotional reasons. Yes, because the color rendering is very important for this kind of footwear. Alex De Pase shoes have their peculiarity in the soles, and the colors (and the subjects, too) have to be perfect.

The emotional meaning of tattoos: friendship, love and poetry

This doesn’t rule out the emotional reasons. Every tattoo has a history behind. History of friendship, love and poetry. Such as the history behind the “kiss sole”: this tattoo was commissioned by a friend of De Pase. It portrays a beautiful and vibrant woman who reminds to De Pase’s friend about a old and lost love, never forgotten and always sweet in his memories.

Alex De Pase soles are full of poetry and arts too. Look the “Raven sole”. The raven is a reminder to the iconic poem of Edgar Allan Poe, and the woman is Leonor another character of Poe’s works. The look of Leonor is poetic and dramatic and conveys all the tragic feelings of the original character.

This is an example of the history behind De Pase Tattoos. You can discover all the histories in The Game of Soles.

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