A new concept of footwear: soles with Alex De Pase Tattoos

As we said on About Us web page, Alex De Pase is an Italian tattoo artist specialized in realistic tattoos and portraiture. When his unrepeatable style met the world of design collective Kardif something of unique was born. The strong artistic streak, combined with the desire to create a highly exclusive footwear concept, led to the idea of using  the Alex De Pase brand, to create something out of the ordinary, a new concept of luxury footwear.
We are talking about Alex De Pase shoes.
Each shoe is unique and unrepeatable, thanks to the originality of its design and its materials, but specially for its soles. On them will be imprinted the most iconic tattoos of the artist Alex De Pase. The tattoos give to the shoes a touch of sporty and sophisticated style unique in its kind.

“Until you reach a high level of perception of the details, you can not think to take the next step.”
Alex de Pase


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