Alex De Pase and Still I Rise united to bring comfort to less fortunate children

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Until January 6th You can Donate Love. What are you waiting for?

From 10 December to 6 January Alex De Pase supports the Onlus “Still I Rise” with a charity project created to bring relief to less fortunate children. By purchasing the Alex De Pase White Skull sneaker, you will be able to voice the innocent little ones who have no future.

Still I Rise is the independent international organization that believes in the transformative power of education and brings education to boys and girls whose rights have been denied for too long.
For this reason, the luxury sneaker band will donate all the revenues from the sale of this iconic sneaker to support the cause.

In the words of Alex De Pase: “Christmas is a moment of reflection, useful for thinking about how to be useful to the community, to help those who need it most and in particular to commit to giving a smile to those who, for situations and realities. diverse has fewer opportunities than us. This is why we decided to engage with Still I Rise, who are deeply impressed by their work
constant in offering education and protection to refugee and vulnerable children.”

This is how the beneficial collaboration between the sneaker brand Alex De Pase and
the non-profit association Still I Rise, to which the proceeds from the sales of the model will be donated
iconic ‘White Skull’. It is a white sneaker that has one as a decorative element
of the tattoos made by the master of the realistic tattoo Alex De Pase, who has immediately
had the project at heart.

“I believe that for all companies – especially in the fashion sector – it is important to give their contribution to help those with fewer opportunities and this is what we want to do with this project, to help improve the future of those children who often struggle to have one.”.

This Christmas, make the right choice. Choose the one that goes with every outfit: love. With Alex De Base and Still I Rise.

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