Il nuovo brand nasce dalla collaborazione fra il noto tatuatore e il collettivo Kardif.

The starting point is the tattoo, trademark of Alex De Pase. The end point is a new collection of footwear, made by the collective Kardif, a incubators of ideas that mix fashion and arts.  The influence of the Italian tattoo artist is in the soles, where the most his most famous tattoos are printed.

The realistic tattoos is emotion, art, rebellion” says the creative team” and the idea of ​​being able to transfer these emotions into a shoe is really a new challenge, which also allows you to customize the various models with different designs“.

The brand, made in Italy (Lombardy and Marche), began with sneakers, runners and loafer slip-on for men and women. It has a glam rock mood, recognizable from the metallic spikes and from the exchangeable accessorizes similar to piercing.

There are three different kinds of soles: runner, “cassetta” simple and faceted. The uppers are made with nappa calfskin and suede with details made with technical details.

Withe sneakers are perfect with jeans, but the fashion bloggers wear them with tailored suits and black trousers. Cleared through customs by international catwalks with casual look, we are ready to wear them with the last hoodie or a classical trench.